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Europe - With a history of exploration, invention and innovation dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans; the innovation and intellectual impact of the Renaissance, the industrial revolution and scientific discovery of the last two centuries that built prosperity and infrastructure to support growing sustainable economies and communities

In the second part of the 20th century with the rapid rise of the tech industry, America dominated global technology innovation. As globalization has evolved over the past 25 years, the US lead has been increasingly challenged by Japan, Korea, and lately by China. Today, Asia is rapidly becoming the global innovation leader. But Europe has never stopped educating talents and continued in the pursuit of developing new ideas, technologies and global collaborations. and is once again poised to return as innovation leader because of the great talents.

This European, yet globally oriented spirit and purpose lies at the heart of Silicon Castles. Our aim is to discover and enable the ideas and talents of outstanding European start-ups – the “Diamonds” - to succeed in the global marketplace.

Diamonds are technology startups that have a unique business idea, strong intellectual property and scalable technology that bring real value to companies or consumers on a global scale. They are not incremental innovation companies-- quick fixes or added features to existing products-- but represent real stand-alone solutions that solve problems and create value. Diamonds have developed scalable software products that can be sold worldwide across platforms and industry sectors and have laid the ground for solid IP.

Silicon Castles invests in Diamonds and supports their Go-To-Market Strategies with the Global Acceleration Programs for a successful worldwide rollout. Silicon Castles provides Diamonds access to Silicon Valley’s success factors here in Europe-- without the need to move to California. And we support Diamonds in mission critical areas to accelerate globally and enable a sustainable growth.


Two decades ago innovation was concentrated in a few locations in the world, with the center of gravity overwhelmingly based in the United States. Today, innovation happens everywhere, and the location where innovation originates is becoming less important. The first key factor for global success is the idea and the ability to bring it to life by smart and motivated people. The second ingredient for success is the creation of an innovation eco-system and the professional support of the ecosystem for these fledgling companies in the startup phase.

Innovation and Startups need on-going education to stay competitive. Learning is a life-long task that very often takes second place in a busy diary. Once a year, entrepreneurs, founders or startup executives should sit back, reflect and re-evaluate the status with support from top class professors and executives, who know the market, the “game” and the challenges startups face in scaling up.

Silicon Castles offers startup executives the chance to participate in the Startup Executive Academy that takes place once a year each summer in Salzburg, Austria. This academy is led by Prof. Baba Shiv from the prestigious Stanford University Graduate School of Business.


About Silicon Castles

Silicon Castles is a Strategic Business Accelerator for Technology IP Licensing Business:

  • Focus on Diamonds from Europe – the IP is basis for success
  • Early Investment in top startups (team, idea, technology) – we like pain killers not vitamines
  • Formation of a strong IP portfolio – protect ideas and file the right patents
  • Global business development with own Global Sales Team – identify the target market and get the first deal
  • Creation of a legal framework for Licensing Business – from the NDA to the best licensing agreement!
  • Scaling up support in marketing and strategic teaming and exec coaching
  • Access to the global network in all major tech hotspots in Europe, US and Asia - leverage the global Silicon Castles network

Silicon Castles are backed by top business and financial advisers and uses a global network with access to hotspots like in Europe (Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Barcelona or London), the United States (Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, New York etc.) and Asia (Tokyo, Beijing, Shenhzen, Hongkong, Seoul, Singapur, Mumbai etc).