Silicon Castles
Accelerating Innovation

Silicon Castles believes in the innovation power of regions around smaller cities around the world. Very often such regions are the homes of very innovative companies and are seen as hidden technology champions.

Central Europe has a long tradition in innovation and a high standard of academic education.

The first castle of Silicon Castles is based in Salzburg, more castles to come in the future.

Urstein is an unqiue place in the village of Puch, south of Salzburg. There are two castles, the campus of the University of Applied Sciences and an adjacent land is under construction for further major expansion, also for startups.

First documented in 1151 A.D. the place has developed over the past centuries. Today the old castle – the yellow castle, also called Meierei - was completed in 1461 A.D., is used by the University of Applied Sciences and Silicon Castles who sees great value in the proximity to the university. Address: Schloss Urstein, Meierei, Schlossallee 3, A-5412 Puch – Salzburg, Austria.

The new castle – the light red castle - was built in 1691 A.D. and home of various aristocratic Salzburg families. Since early 2000 the castle is owned by the Chamber of Commerce Salzburg and dedicated to education purposes only. The Akademie Schloss Urstein Privatstiftung is operating the castle and is now used by the University of Applied Sciences for educational purposes only. Silicon Castles is proud that this castle is the home of the Startup Executive Academy and Corporate Executive Academy.

Salzburg is an unique European region with an attractive high-tech eco-system. Originally coming from salt, gold and silver mining and trading over the Alps from north to south, Salzburg has developed a great business culture over the past centuries and is worldwide famous for being the place where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born, lived and started his amazing career.

Embedded in Central European markets, located between Munich and Vienna, and close to Northern Italy, for many people and experts Salzburg is known for more than Mozart or Sound of Music. Salzburg is the home of the world famous Salzburg Festival for classical music who is constantly innovating this genre of music, the traditional Easter Festival as well as the Karajan Institute, all world class music institutions. Also internationally prominent scientists come from here like Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, better known as Paracelsus, or the physicist Christian Doppler, known for the Doppler Effect.

Since the last thirty years the Salzburg region has become an internationally known center both for global players like Porsche, Spar Austria Group, Sony DADC, Skidata, Palfinger, KTM, Atomic, Kaindl, Kiska, Sirona, Vale, RealNetworks, Carbo Tech as well as unique start-ups like Authentic Vision, Wikitude, Findologic and NativeWaves. With the global headquarters for Red Bull and Red Bull Media House, Salzburg is the home of a major player with great impact for the regional innovation eco-system.

The regional Salzburg government under the leadership of governor Dr. Wilfried Haslauer and the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce have been continuously supporting this innovation climate. With the Techno-Z, more than 150 technology companies and the unique CoWorking Space Salzburg the region offers a powerful innovation base for talents and ideas. The new initiative Startup Salzburg combines all key players of the region to better support young founders and growing startups with valuable support, mentors and also financial support.

Salzburg is the home of five universities and two research organisations: the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (the main driver for innovation), the University of Salzburg and the Salzburg Management Business School, the Paracelsus Medical University (the youngest university) and the Mozarteum (University for Music and Fine Arts), Salzburg Research and Research Studios Austria - which is quite impressive for a city with a population of some 150.000 people.

In recent years we see a lot of new startups originating from Salzburg. The good quality of life is an additional positive factor to attract entrepreneurs to Salzburg. Silicon Castles support this innovation eco-system and is engages with high potential startups to help them to accelerate to global success.