Accelerating Innovation.


Transforming ideas into IP & scalable products. Leading growth from initial opportunities to global success. Mentoring and educating talents and teams to become top-class performers.


Investing in ideas, talents and early-stage tech startups with a strong focus on Intellectual Property, a crucial advantage in today’s competetive landscape.


An international Go-to-Market program for startups to accelerate your business with hands-on sessions from pricing to investment taught by a world-class faculty.

We are
Technology Business Architects

Silicon Castles is a Tech Company Builder and Strategic Business Accelerator for technology intellectual property (IP) licensing businesses.

We focus on European Diamonds: Technology startups with a unique business idea, scalable technology and outstanding intellectual property – the key to global success.

We invest in talents and their ideas, early-stage startups with a great team, a promising idea, and innovative technology – we like pain killers, not vitamins.

We help Diamonds to form a strong IP portfolio – protect ideas and file the right patents.

We support global business development with our own global sales team – identify the target market and get the first deal.

We assist with the creation of a legal framework for licensing businesses – from the NDA to the licensing agreement.

We coach Diamonds during their scale-up phase in various areas, such as marketing, strategic teaming and executive coaching.

We provide access to a global network in all major technology hotspots in Europe, the US and Asia – leverage the global Silicon Castles network.

Our network

Silicon Castles is operating a global network with access to hotspots in Europe (Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, etc.), the United States (Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, New York etc.) and Asia (Tokyo, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Seoul, Singapore, Mumbai etc.).


We accelerate startups by transforming ideas, leading growth, mentoring, and educating talents & teams.
Our Global Acceleration Program (GAP) encompasses all mission-critical elements to develop an idea into a solid investment proposal. Among others, this includes product definition, storytelling, brand-building, sales development, legal matters, and talent management.

Telling Your Story & Building Your Brand

Developing a clear marketing and brand strategy is as essential as the financial forecasts and product roadmaps and provides clarity, context and a powerful message.
By using basic building blocks such as a company mission, vision, and positioning statement and combining it with a strong company story, clarity and context are provided and a powerful message is created.

Selling Globally Through Our Network

A network including major technology players can be the key to successful sales for startups. Silicon Castles offers access to its global network in the US and Asian markets and immediately introduces its startups to relevant partners and customers. We support startups in building a skilled sales team to land the first big deal, which is crucial to find investors. Our strategic relationships include investment Silicon Valley VC firms, family offices, and corporate venture organizations worldwide.

Completing Your Team

A compact analysis helps founders understand the management approaches from the organizational- and the people-perspective to find the right team members with the necessary skills and experiences. The focus lies on the individual implementation of organizational learning to steer sustainable growth, harvest success, retain key people, and attract new talents.

Closing Successful Deals

Licensing agreements represent the bedrock of a successful startup but fail to realize their potential without the right structure and scheme in place.
Silicon Castles helps startups in deploying an international licensing scheme that is in accordance with accepted licensing practices and a strong negotiation strategy. This allows startups to fine-tune their engine, gather momentum, and secure successive deals.

Startup Executive Academy

The Startup Executive Academy (SEA), founded in 2017, is an international Go-to-Market program for early-stage (seed, A or B phase) technology startup executives and founders. The program aims to enable startups to accelerate their business by providing highly relevant and practical input. The program is delivered by a world-class faculty from academy and business.
The SEA incorporates aspects of both a face-to-face and an online program. 

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The highly practical, hands-on Go-to-Market sessions cover topics such as business model & strategy, value proposition, story telling, pricing, negotiation, sales and investment. Alongside the sessions, the participants work on their startup’s challenges by completing e.g. the Business Model Canvas, Sales Canvas or the Investment Canvas.


The faculty includes executives and former leaders of global companies like Dolby, Sony, PWC, McKinsey, Napster, and Deutsche Telekom etc. Participants have the opportunity to meet experts from different fields in 1:1 meetings to discuss the current challenges of their startups.


During the lectures, the 1:1 sessions with faculty members and the regular exchanges with their peers, the participants develop ideas, gather knowledge, and collect feedback. They can immediately use this input to accelerate their business and take their company to the next level.


The SEA CIRCLE is the alumni network of former SEA participants and enables continuous learning through regular SEA CIRCLE Sessions. In these sessions, participants get input from the SEA faculty on currently important startup topics, they can share their experiences on success and failure and receive advice from peers.

Our Diamonds

Selected Silicon Castles Diamonds

Diamonds are technology startups with a unique business idea, scalable technology and outstanding IP.
Their products are not incremental innovations but represent real stand-alone solutions that solve problems and create value worldwide.
Diamonds are global players.

Diamond Lab

Silicon Castles‘ aim is to discover gifted talents in Europe, lead them and their ideas to global success, and turn them into true Diamonds.
To identify and shape the ideas of people from different disciplines, experiences, ages, and cultures, Silicon Castles believes in the methods of Design Thinking – guided workshops, led by experts, and focused on developing new ideas in the field of new technologies.

Diamond Lab Split

From May 12-13, 2023, the first-ever Diamond Lab was held in Split. This two-day Design Thinking workshop united a motivated group of more than 20 creative individuals who worked on visionary ideas with global potential, focusing on the following areas:
Culture & Tourism; Metaverse & Web3; and GreenTech.

The ultimate goal? To create innovative ideas that transform into regionally and globally successful startups in order to establish Split as an attractive startup region and living space.

ON THE FIRST DAY, the primary focus was on identifying and defining problem areas within the respective domain, while concurrently formulating potential solutions. With the help of Design Thinking methods, participants were encouraged to think outside the box and approach challenges from new angles. This phase also entailed initial prototyping activities, encouraging participants to actively engage in the process.

ON THE SECOND DAY, the teams delved deeper into their selected projects, engaging in comprehensive work that involved expert input on the different aspects of building up a successful startup. This input encompassed aspects such as market research, business model & Go-to-Market, product & value proposition, storytelling, and more. The final highlight of this intensive Design Thinking workshop was the creation of a 2-minutes video in which the teams presented their projects to the Diamond Lab Split jury.

Project Partners

Our Team

Andreas Spechtler

Founder & CEO

Catherine Ogilvie

Senior Marketing Advisor

Ivana Perić

Acceleration Manager

Dr. Eva Weigt

Acceleration Manager

Anna Bruckermayr

Graphic Designer

Lisa Lytvyn

Business Analyst

James Perkins

Program Director for Startup Executive Academy
Associate Director for Executive Education Programs at Stanford Graduate School of Business

David Kinsella

General Counsel

Thomas Weiss

Senior Technology Advisor

Mahesh Sundaram

Senior Strategic Advisor
for Global Growth